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Apartment bed materials and specifications:


● Column: Standard parts are made of high quality cold-rolled steel by special molding line rolling tubes made ​​of hollow sections, material thickness up to 1.2mm.


● Long beam: high-quality cold-rolled steel by special molding line rolling, long beam material specifications for 80mm * 42mm thickness of 1.3mm.


● Fence: The φ25mm, φ19mm size, thickness of 1.0mm high-quality circular pipe bend from the system.


● bed Huan: high quality five 30mm * 20mm square tube thickness of 0.7mm steel production.


● The short beam: 80mm * 42mm thickness of 1.1mm high-profile tube production.。

● In short beam: 60mm * 27mm thickness of 1.1mm high profile tube production.


● escalator: The 25mm * 25mm thickness 1.0mm quality square tube steel production.


Above materials and specifications for standard specifications, according to customer demand for base adjustable square tube profile tube, square tube, pipe and other pipes.

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