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Educational Furniture

  • Build critical and creative atmosphere for library

    Modern library pursue innovative space, and they wanted furniture that could meet a variety of purposes . Our company deliver with a mix of solutions.


    Over the past several months, we invited  projects related group to sit in on meeting to discuss the goals, needs and wants for the new library. A detail solution emerged , with flexible and innovative spaces topping on the list.
    To meet the modernization demand, several multimedia rooms were created, Here, several groups were invited to test the rooms, and trained how to use the adaptable furnishing to match multiple needs.

  • Public area

    The different shape sofa in the public  area create multipurpose spaces . Flexible combination , satisfying various environmental and spacious demands. The rest lounge and with clear line and soft sense to indulge yourself  into thorough relaxation.

  • Multimedia room

    Multimedia room , or space , feature advanced facilities and furnished with tables and chairs in three different types. Our company has been proud to design and manufacture, and we are expert in a range of collaborative tables and desks for flexible spaces.

  • Reading area

    With library books are abundant in storage , these bookshelves are full matching needs. We also design the bookshelves based on the different kinds of books. And we setting the tables and desks for the enjoyment of reading. These spaces suitable for discussing face to face, and it also perfect for a group team.

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